10 things Think Legal Recruitment (try) to do every week

13 Jun, 2017

10 things Think Legal Recruitment (try) to do every week

10 things Think Legal Recruitment (try) to do every week.

Off the back of my business Partner Paul Warburton’s successful blog about pre 8am success last week, I thought I’d try one of my own. I thought about what we are trying to achieve and the reputation we want to create as a business in the long term, and what working to accomplish this means for us every single week. Some seem obvious, others may be silly but all are based on what its really like to work at Think Legal:

  1. Fun – we always try to have it. Every week and (almost) every day. I think we are quite good at laughing at ourselves and always endeavour to allow clients and candidates to relax in our company.
  2. Show off (in a good way) – we hope the length of time we have worked in the market and how much we care about what we do, comes across when people ask us for professional advice.
  3. Consistency – well you have to try for this! Every small business – and especially our people focused one – is beholden to market conditions and people’s confidence. Given this, trying to do the right stuff every week, allows you to accomplish some of what you set out to even if other deals don’t come off.
  4. Lunch – I always eat well (Paul is more disciplined). I can’t march on an empty stomach, so to speak.
  5. Exercise – we both try to gym/train/cycle respectively. I think it helps get into the right mindset to have fun/show off/be consistent.
  6. Focus – this is always a real work in progress! Working as a small business owner has shown me that there is always something one could be doing (like writing blogs, which I don’t do nearly enough!). I think its fair to say like everyone we have good days and bad days.
  7. Be positive – this is linked to having fun but maybe less of the gallows humour kind! We have achieved so much in 15 months at Think Legal and should be proud of it. Being positive will help our candidates, our clients and our business as a whole.
  8. Accept and embrace disappointments. Our office can be great for a good moan. And that’s ok. Our job is very personal and despite the best intentions and work not every deal will happen. Its good to be able to share problems with each other but equally important to accept disappointments and move on.
  9. Stick together – one of the things I’m most proud of is that Paul and I stick together and look after each other every single week. I think we work through any differences of opinion we may have in a way which works for us, while always respecting each other. I’m sure it’s not always easy for him but its been a pleasure for me.
  10. Relax – easier said than done at times, but if we….. have fun, show our knowledge, work hard, eat well, exercise regularly, are focused and positive, embrace our failures while sticking together and celebrating our success then we will be fine!

If you would like to discuss any openings or place a vacancy with us then please contact Joe Gregory at Think Legal for more information – joegregory@thinklegalrecruitment.com