Advice for all you re-locators!

17 Jun, 2016

Advice for all you re-locators!

Advice for Solicitors re-locating North from Londo

At Think Legal Recruitment Paul and I have plenty of experience helping solicitors re-locate from London to the regions. There are many reasons why solicitors look to make such a move (mainly the weather) but often the biggest factor is timing in the context of their own lives. Such career decisions often have extra dimensions of complexity which we can help candidates navigate through. Here is our brief “how to” guide:

  • Talk to people – Before you make life changing decisions, it’s good to talk through the ramifications with loved ones, trusted colleagues and independent experts. Given that this will hopefully be a “one time only” re-location you have to be sure it’s right for you before job hunting begins in earnest.
  • Use an expert – if you are looking to re-locate it is unlikely you will have a clear picture of the legal market you are re-locating to. Using an experienced recruitment consultant, with local knowledge and links will allow you to gain a better understanding of the market you are moving to.
  • Make time to fully engage with process – so you’ve made your mind up to make the move, you’ve done your initial research and spoken to a trusted advisor. In order to make sure the desired result is achieved you need to spend time on your CV, your interview preparation and take the necessary holidays for interviews. The process works best when conducted in a limited time period where one can properly assess one option against another.
  • Be honest – If you are talking to more than one firm. Its ok to be open in a professional way about the opportunities you are looking at. Regional markets are a lot smaller than London and even if you end up choosing one firm over another it’s always good to do so in such a way as to keep other potential homes warm for the future!
  • Be prepared to move – Regional firms in general will expect you to be on three months’ notice so make sure while taking care of the employment side of things you aren’t neglecting all of the other jobs which come with re-locating. Take advice on areas to live and schools etc from people you can trust.
  • Be prepared to move for less money! – There are many benefits to re-locating from London but unfortunately salary isn’t one of them. You will be looking at taking a significant pay cut, albeit your money should go much further….again speak to your recruiter, they should give you an honest appraisal and it will be in their interests to get you the best deal possible!

If you are thinking of re-locating to the regions then please speak to Joe or Paul at Think Legal Recruitment for a confidential chat.