28 Nov, 2016

Investing in the Future

“We live in interesting times”. No doubt this is a phrase that has been mentioned in countless boardrooms across the Western World over the last 6 months or so. With Article 50 due to be invoked in March of next year and elections in France and Germany likely to provide further evidence of the rise […]

12 Oct, 2016

Why use a recruiter? #Winning

Why use a recruiter? I know it’s hard to believe (it took me a while to accept this chain of thought could even exist) but I have reached the conclusion that there are any number of lawyers, partners and HR people in law firms that think legal recruiters are an expensive, unnecessary waste of time. […]

19 Aug, 2016

What does work/life balance actually mean?

“What’s the culture like?”. “Is there an expectation to stay late in the office?”. “Are the firm flexible about lawyers working from home?”. As Legal recruiters I would say these are amongst the most common questions we get asked when talking to lawyers about alternative employment. As a result, and given the increasing importance of […]

25 Jul, 2016

Recruitment Innovation in 2016 – “Getting behind the CV”

Through the various meetings we have on a daily basis with law firm partners and senior HR professionals we constantly ask them about their recruitment experiences. “What problems do you encounter with recruitment agencies you partner with? What are your current frustrations with the recruitment process? What is the biggest problem for you in identifying […]

30 Jun, 2016

The Impact of Brexit on Legal Recruitment

The Impact of Brexit on Legal Recruitment I, like so many, woke up on Friday certain that we would maintain our place in Europe and achieve a level of status quo that would ensure currency stability and the continuance of an upward trend in the commercial environment. The collective nation spoke and no matter the […]

17 Jun, 2016

Advice for all you re-locators!

Advice for Solicitors re-locating North from Londo At Think Legal Recruitment Paul and I have plenty of experience helping solicitors re-locate from London to the regions. There are many reasons why solicitors look to make such a move (mainly the weather) but often the biggest factor is timing in the context of their own lives. […]

23 May, 2016

When is the time right for change?

When is the time right for a change? As I write this early on a sunny Monday afternoon in Manchester it appears that the time is up for Louis Van Gaal at Manchester United. Unfortunately, probably for all concerned not least Mr Van Gaal, news of his impending sacking broke shortly after Manchester United’s F.A. […]

16 May, 2016

The importance of Knowledge v LinkedIn

The importance of knowledge, understanding and trust in Legal Recruitment. Over the past few years, we, as recruiters, have been advised to embrace the power of Linkedin as a tool to both expand our personal networks and to attract and interact with sought after candidates. This, we have been told, has become increasingly important given […]

10 May, 2016

NQ Advice – 5 things to consider

NQ Advice – 5 things to consider in 2016 May/June is always a difficult time for 2nd year trainee solicitors, the bulk of which will be expecting to qualify this September. It’s hard for anyone to deal with uncertainty in the fundamental aspects of adult life and one’s future employment prospects certainly fall into this […]