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CV Advice Key Points to Remember

Keep it Simple

Remember to use bullet points to highlight specific areas of experience.


Remember to always provide real examples not just generic information

Be Relevant

Only include information that has the aim of enhancing your CV. Always ask 'is the information necessary.' If in doubt - ask us.

Keep to the Facts

Focus on what you have done. Interviewers will form their own opinion when they meet you.

Be Personal

Make sure you highlight key social and personal interests, business development and CSR.

Our Experience

First impressions count. Your CV has to be right. We are here to advise and assist in getting your CV into the best possible shape.

CV Support?

No two CVs are the same and we are on hand to advise and assist in getting yours into shape. That said, we have provided a number of proforma CVs for differing levels to provide an overview of what, in our experience, is the most ideal format. For more tailored advice contact us to take advantage of our experience.

Interview Tips & Advice 

 Clearly once the interview starts its down to you but up until that point we are on hand to help prepare you to succeed. First things first, remember they have asked to meet with you. Don’t overlook the positives here. It means they are already interested in what your experience can bring. Your interview is the chance to capitalise on that interest.

It’s OK to be nervous.

It means you care and that matters. Interviewers will anticipate a level of nerves and, in most case, they will do what they can to try and put you at ease. Remember to breathe and focus on your delivery. Your preparation will speak volumes and we can assist with this.

Having been in the law, we have sat on your side of the table. As legal recruiters we now have the information as to what clients are looking for. Use that to your advantage. We will always seek to give you as in-depth an overview of the role, firm, team and interview process as we can. We want you to succeed and recognise that it is a team effort.
Few people have come unstuck from having over-prepared. We will arm you with all relevant information but nothing speaks more clearly than the level of effort you commit to the recruitment process.The amount of preparation you do will always be evident at interview and show your commitment and true level of interest in a role. Do your homework. Here are some key things to look at:
• Know your CV inside and out. A well drafted CV will give your interviewer key examples of experience that they will naturally ask questions about or invite you to talk around. These are easy wins.
• Know the firm, interviewers and team – review the firm’s website, team and individual profiles. Look for synergy with your experience and think about ways in which you might be able to draw that out naturally in interview.
• Why are you looking to move?
• Why would you like to join us?
• What do you know about us?
• How did you get into law?
• What are the positives of your current role? What don’t you like?
• What do you know about our culture? Why do you think you would fit in?
• Give examples of: a difficult client/situation and how you overcame it/success you have achieved and how?
• What do you hope to achieve in the next 2/5/10 years?
• What would clients say about you?
• What are strengths and weaknesses?
• How good are you at dealing with:
– Targets (Financial or otherwise)
– Deadlines
– Time recording
– Clients
– Diary management
– Delegation
– Business Development
• Provide some specific examples of the kind of deals/cases you have been involved in?
• What was the level of your involvement? Leading/Delegating/Assisting?
• What are your billings and/or chargeable hours this year/last 3 years?
• What are your targets? Have you achieved them? If not, why not?
• Have you introduced work into the firm – if so, who/what and to which department?
• Do you have a following? What does it look like?
• What do you like to do outside of work?
Don’t always rule out the obscure. We have seen candidates asked about what their favourite song is, the last book they read and what they would take to a desert island.
An interview is a two way process. It is as much an opportunity for you to find out information so do not be afraid to ask questions. It is often the case that most questions will be addressed in the interview itself however be ready to ask some questions when the chance arises. Above all, it demonstrates you are genuinely interested in the firm and role. Some useful questions include:
• Why has the role arisen?
• What is the current structure of the team – where would I fit in?
• What are the future plans for the department?
• What is the scope for progression & promotion?
• How do you assess performance for progression?
• How many files would I be expected to handle
• What is the level of support like in the firm/team?
• Will there be support and encouragement for the marketing and development of client relationships?
• Will I be expected to/opportunity to manage/mentor junior members of the team?
• What is the office layout – do you work in office/pods/open plan?
• Who would be my direct contact/report?


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