In the summertime when the weather get’s hot…

7 Jun, 2018

In the summertime when the weather get’s hot…

In the summertime when the weather gets hot….

That all time, Mungo Jerry Classic. It has certainly felt like summertime in Manchester in recent weeks and I’m sure most of us hope, long may it continue!

Summertime in the legal profession (aside from beer garden drinks after work), means pay and promotion reviews! These will start in April/May time and conclude in September (aside from a few exceptions of course). Lawyers across the profession will rightly view this as a time of reflection.

Did I secure the pay rise I was looking for? Am I on the right track for Partnership? Did Joe Bloggs who does tap all work get a bigger bonus than me?

We as legal recruiters are seen by many as providing a transactional service – only to be used when absolutely necessary by candidates and recruiting firms alike. Yet we can (and do!) provide so much more.

For candidates, now is the ideal time to talk to us. We can give you an honest evaluation of where you currently sit with reference to the whole market place. We can advise you of what to ask for in forthcoming pay reviews and also help in terms of how to frame your arguments. We can also advise on promotion prospects and how achievable your aims might be.

For law firms, we can use our experience to provide accurate information on recent pay data to make sure your benchmark at the required level to retain the best talent. We can provide detail on prevailing market conditions, motivations for candidates and broader data on what other firms are providing as benefits.

We can be flexible over how this information is provided – via email or phone works well but meeting in a beer garden in the Manchester sun works best of all 😊!

If you would like up-to-date salary and benefits information then please contact to arrange a chat.