Lucy Grainger

Knowledge is Power!

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER - three words that together pack a punch. 

Ever been asked questions by a recruiter and thought ‘why are they asking me this’? 

Much like when you take a brief from your clients, we want to know the who, what, where when and why. Not because we are nosey(!), and I’m also not talking scratch the surface questions such as ‘what would be your death row meal’ (although always a good question) but questions which will help us to get to know YOU. 

We know that looking for a new job can often feel incredibly stressful. We also appreciate that being in the wrong job or a job you dislike, can impact life outside of work and so our role is to ensure you feel heard, seen, understood and supported throughout your job search. 

How do we do this? Partly by asking questions that get you thinking and that give us a strong, in depth insight into what you want out of your next role. Although these questions can be fairly straight forward and examples include; what do you enjoy about your current role, what would you change, what are you looking for/do you need in a new role, what sort of culture are you looking for in a firm and what are your career goals and aspirations, we delve a layer deeper by asking the who, what, where, when and why to ensure we really do understand what enables you to thrive in a role, and to ultimately ensure we find you the right firm, culture, team and opportunity. I liken it to a jigsaw puzzle and our role is to make sure all the pieces fit! 

And (surprisingly!) we do this with our clients too, so we can really understand the profile of the person they are looking to hire and importantly, whether the firm, culture and opportunity is going to be right for you. It also helps us to prepare you for future interviews. 

Besides interrogating you(!) we do like to sprinkle a personal touch into all of this, because we also know that looking for a new job is a serious process, and we want to ensure you ‘enjoy’ it as much as possible. Ensuring that we add a little fun to the process also makes our job more enjoyable too!  

We are fortunate that through this approach to recruitment, we have built great friendships with both our candidates and clients over the years. Often our candidate relationships become great client relationships that go on to last years. A great foundation for honest, collaborative and enjoyable partnerships that ultimately benefit you as a candidate. Can you see why we love what we do? 

Aside from all of this, we do understand that not everyone is going to want to discuss the finer details with us and that is absolutely fine, but what we do aim to do, is to provide a safe space where you feel you can open up to us and discuss what will help you to feel fulfilled in your next career move. 

*Most recent feedback we received from a candidate was that they had a ‘tailored, personable and positive experience’.

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